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legacy bank-owned 
life insurance assets

Brooklyn Bridge

Evaluate how to free up capital, obtain liquidity, and potentially earn higher rates of return.

the bank-owned life insurance reality
Are portions of your bank-owned life insurance (BOLI) assets delivering low net returns? Don't let the embedded taxable gain prevent you from potentially increasing yields for your shareholders.
Tax Trap 01
Legacy policies generally have large embedded taxable investment gains
Tax Trap 02
High insurance costs and low net yields may be common with legacy policies
Tax Trap 03
Policies typically insure terminated employees which may limit liquidity options
BOLI Rescue 02
Opportunity to potentially move BOLI assets without a taxable cash flow cost
BOLI Rescue 01
Ability to move BOLI assets to market rate competitive yields
BOLI Rescue 03
No need for employee consent and no need to acquire new BOLI


Banks with BOLI

$219 billion

BOLI Asset Values
As of 09/30/22 Schedule RC-F "Life Insurance Assets"
Steps to Evaluate Your BOLI
BOLI Rescue will refer qualified banks to affiliated licensed companies who will perform the BOLI evaluation.
BOLI Rescue Step 01
Identify Legacy BOLI
Identify non-performing BOLI
BOLI Rescue Step 02
Due Diligence
Evaluation and analysis on best BOLI policies to potentially rescue
BOLI Rescue Step 03
Manager Selection
Identify managers
for bank-eligible asset allocation
BOLI Rescue Step 04
Analyze distribution time horizon based on bank liquidity needs
BOLI Rescue Step 05

Execute a transfer of
the non-performing BOLI assets
BOLI Rescue Step 06
Manage ongoing asset allocation and reinvest distributions

* Each case is different; therefore cost, fees, expenses and tax consequences will be different.

The BOLI Evaluation steps are only available to qualified and/or accredited investors. Banks should consider investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses of any product carefully before investing. This and other important information is contained in each product’s offering memorandum, which can be obtained from the licensed representative who is providing the BOLI evaluation. Please read the offering memorandum carefully before investing.

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